Plans for Spring, 2011

Welcome to Spanish 340! We will have a Moodle site as well, but this is our resource site. In Spring, 2011 we will cover three genres (poetry, narrative,  theatre) and read some brief theoretical texts. There will be daily quizzes on reading content and, in the case of literary works, specific characteristics, and three papers: two comentarios de texto, and either one creative/personal response (seriously undertaken and specifically engaging the texts at hand), or one thesis-driven, analytical paper. The final examination will consist of an oral presentation, undertaken in groups, upon which the audience (the rest of the class) will make informed, written comment.

Our book order is below. Any edition of these texts will be fine. Editions ordered and listed here are those currently in print. There are many earlier editions available used and also as e-copies, through services such as Scribd. I have ordered the Barthes and Berger texts in English and Spanish; you may read them in either language, or in any other language you may prefer.

Native speakers of Spanish who are taking this course to fulfill a literature requirement should realize that while it is not an English class, it is still a course in literature. Please realize this before imagining that just because it is in Spanish, the course will be easy for you. Please note as well that the 400 level courses in literature are also open to you. These more specialized courses may be of interest if the selections in our main textbook for 340 are already familiar.


Recommended (do not buy before the first day of class):

Barthes, Roland. Mitologías. Siglo XXI, 1980.
ISBN: 978-9682305573

Berger, John. Modos de ver. Editorial Gustavo Gili, 2000.
ISBN: 978-8425218071

Required (you must own a copy of this text):

Virgillo et al. Aproximaciones al estudio de las literaturas hispánicas. McGraw-Hill, 2008.
ISBN: 9780073513157

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